Xbox360 Frequently Asked Questions

My Xbox guide button is blinking after connecting the android phone

The manufacturer excluded support for the Xbox Controller, but you can:

  1. Use the USB BT app for Android to remedy the situation.
  2. Request your phone manufacturer to include support for game controllers

A game does not work with my Xbox controller

  1. Check the game settings. Some games, like Beach Buggy Blitz, let you map your controller keys.
  2. Ask the game developer to include support for Xbox 360 (like Beach Buggy Blitz in its game settings). As of version 3.1, Android has a gamepad API that the developers should use.
  3. Try the USB BT android app to configure your Xbox controller
    1. Video on configuring USB BT app for Dead Trigger
    2. Video on USB BT
    3. Support forum for USB BT

Nothing happens after connecting the Xbox 360 controller with my phone

When you connect your Xbox controller with your smartphone the Xbox green guide button should be on! If the guide button stays dark:

  1. Check your cables are plugged in properly
  2. Check that your phone supports USB OTG. According to my resesarch, the following list of phones support USB OTG out of the box. You can also run the USB Host diagnostics app to determine your USB capabilities.
  3. You can follow this general guide on connecting your phone
  4. If you have a USB OTG phone then try to use this USB BT app to enable the controller.

Video tutorials

  1. Wired Xbox 360 tutorials

    Wireless Xbox 360 tutorial

    Some other great blog and forum tutorials

Which Android games support the Xbox 360 controller?

I started such a list here You can add a game as well, if you find one. I also found an older list here:

My phone does not support USB OTG out of the box, what can I do?

  • You may still be able to connect with some wizardry if you have root access. Google for a solution, as such a guide is beyong the size of this FAQ.
  • If you have root access

I have collected some external tutorials as well that show how you can connect your phone with an xbox controller

Incompatibilities with Xbox 360 Accessories

UtorCase is incompatible with the

  1. Xbox 360 Chatpad: The chatpad attaches to the back of the controller just like UtorCase, so you cannot use the two together. The chatpad is mainly used on Xbox live and you wont need it in Android games.
  2. v1 Wired headset: The v1 wired headset has a bulky audio connector, for example the Headset with Microphone for Xbox 360
    . You would be using the headset with your smart phone, so this should not be an issue. UtorCase should also work with v2 wired headsets, like the Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound, that have a regular 2.5mm audio connector.