UtorCase for Bike Mounts! Flexible, adjustable, and light!

Check out the all new UtorCase for Bike Mounts! Do you have phone cases, extra large batteries, multiple phones? Bike Mounts already handle these cases well, so why not bring them to controllers? You can get high end bike mounts for $30, but also super cheap ones for $1 AliExpress.

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User Reviews

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I've been using a galaxy s5 with a utor case (PS3) and it's pretty much the coolest thing on the planet. It can even stream my steam library to my phone with limelight.
TechSmith, reddit.com moderator (link)

it can hold my phone when lying on bed', 'simple and effective', 'The material is also very light and gives the impression of not being tough yet it is.
shaolin95, senior XDA forum member (link)

I was a little nervous that it would not hold the phone', 'I was pleasantly surprised to find that it held the phone just fine. It was very strong and held the phone
LudoGris, XDA forum member (link)

Any questions?

Contact me at utorcase@gmail.com and specify your smartphone and your controller combination to expedite the response.