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Android Questions

What do I need to play Android games on my phone with a controller?

A game does not work with my controller

  1. Check the game settings. Some games, like Beach Buggy Blitz, let you map your controller keys.
  2. Ask the game developer to include support for your controller since Android has a gamepad API that the developers should use.
  3. try one of the apps I listed in the first question

Nothing happens after connecting the controller with my phone

When you connect your controller with your smartphone you should be able to move around your smartphone menu with the controller:

  1. Check your cables are plugged in properly
  2. Check that your phone supports USB OTG. According to my resesarch, the following list of phones support USB OTG out of the box. You can also run the USB OTG checker app to determine your USB capabilities.
  3. You can follow this general guide on connecting your phone

External video tutorials on how to connect your phone with a controller

Wired Xbox 360 tutorials

Wireless Xbox 360 tutorial

Which Android games support a controller?

I started a community list here

My phone does not support USB OTG out of the box, what can I do?

  • You may still be able to connect with some wizardry if you have root access. Google for a solution, as such a guide is beyond the size of this FAQ.
  • If you have root access
    • try one of the apps I listed in the first question
    • Try a different firmware, like Cyanogenmod

iOS Questions

You can play iOS games with a PS controller as per these videos. Hopefully, Xbox will have a solution like this soon. Until then, the UtorCase for Xbox and Apple devices can still be used with 2nd screen apps!

Controller Specific info


My Xbox guide button is blinking after connecting the android phone

The manufacturer excluded support for the Xbox Controller, but you can:

  1. Use the app for Android to remedy the situation.
  2. Request your phone manufacturer to include support for game controllers

Any questions?

Contact me at and specify your smartphone and your controller combination to expedite the response.